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Labeling made easy — labeling made rapid.

The fluidiphore rapid labeling kit is an easy to use labeling kit that only needs 30 minutes incubation time and zero purification. The background effects from unbound dye are eliminated due to the absorbance wavelength shifting and an increase in quantum yield once the dye is conjugated to its binding partner, meaning no purification is required. Additionally unreacted dye is hydrolyzed during the labeling procedure. 

The fluidiphore rapid amine 503 is an amine-reactive fluorescent label that once conjugated to its binding partner absorbs at 503 nm making it compatible with Fluidic Analytics' fluidity One-W instrument. 


Technical specifications

Chemical properties: 1 mg lyophilized blue solid which is soluble in DMF, methanol and acetonitrile. DMSO can also be used but is not recommended. 

Absorption: 503 nm (conjugated), 612 nm (free)

Emission: 600 nm (conjugated), 665 nm (free) 

Ɛ L/(mol cm): 24,000 (conjugated), 60,000 (free)

Quantum Yield: ~50% (conjugated), less than 1% (free)

Storage: The lyophilized dye should be stored at 4 ºc. The reconstituted dye should be stored at -20 ºc sealed in a bag with desiccant and allowed to reach room temperature before taken out of the bag.


Cost: £256.00 – 1 mg lyophilized blue solid

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